Work From No Home Review

Everyone knows there are a lot of work from home scams out there online, and it can be hard to determine what ones are legitimate.  They all promise to teach you how to become a super affiliate without any effort,  but seem to leave out most of the key components. 

The Work From No Home system claims to deliver ALL the details of how Peng Joon Earned Himself Over $12,000 in one month using just his laptop while on vacation.

Peng Joon teamed up with the famous millionaire blogger John Chow to create this easy to follow system that will take you by the hand and guide you through all the steps.  This way anyone new to marketing can simply plug in and get started right away.  

Those of you who may think you know all you need to know about making money online,  this system can also teach you a few things you prob did not know, especially after the dreadful google slaps.

Work From No Home Review

The creator Peng Joon is a top affiliate selling digital products online since 2004.  He is now running over 500 sites in all different niches ranging from gaming to forex, fitness, dog training and dating.

Things were not always like this for Peng Joon tho, in 2004 Peng was struggling with an enormous debt of over $150 000 after being forced to pay back every cent of his scholarship for not meeting the requirements.

Therefore he had to start looking for other ways to earn an income to pay off this debt.  That’s when he did what a lot of you prob did,  he typed “How To Make Money Online” into the google search and that’s when it all began.

After Struggling for many years following every training course online and spending even more money he didn’t have,  things finally started to change for the better.  When he made his first sale selling on online guide to a video game,  he knew that all this hard work was well worth it.

So he continued on the same path and started generating more and more sales.  To Date Peng Joon no longer has any debt and earns a very substantial income online and believe it or not most of it now is with minimal effort on his part.

The Work From No Home System will walk you through some of the following steps: 

  • Basic Training

  • Picking Your Market

  • Content Creation

  • Seo Training (Onsite + Offsite)

  • Backlinking

  • Outsourcing

  • ** 30 Day Action Plan **

Before we move onto the benefits and weaknesses of the Work From No Home System lets go over some of the points above.

The basic training takes you through things like choosing the right domain, hosting,  dns and wordpress setup,  a lot of this will be very basic for most of you but it is highly recommended you still go through everything,  you will be thankful you did.

Picking your market training in this guide is very exclusive and is a must for everyone.   Peng covers everything from how to find out what’s hot right now to what’s becoming hot in the future,  this is a key to making multiple money making sites.

Content creation as most of you already  know is one of the hardest parts of building these money making sites.  After going through this guide from Peng you will no longer have these difficulties and will be creating your entire sites full of optimized content in much less time.

The Seo training in this guide is top notch, like mentioned earlier these methods are methods that will keep you ranking after any updates to the google algorithms.  Making sure your sites are optimized to meet all the requirements by google that class them as relevant,  which in return brings you higher search rankings.  

Backlinking is also crucial to your rankings on the search engines.  Peng covers the do’s and don’ts when it comes to backlinking.  He takes you through content based backlinking, forum signatures, blog comments, guest posting and how to use all these resources most effectively.

Included in this guide is helpful tips on how and when to outsource some of your task to other people or firms.  This part of the guide you will want to leave to the end for you want to know exactly what u need and want before you can tell others specifically what you want them to do.


The Work From No Home 30 Day Action Plan

The 30 Day Action Plan is by far a one of a kind. Separating all your tasks into a day by day action plan.   Starting from finding a topic and choosing a domain name your first day,  to having not 1 but 6 of your own completely optimized money making sites by the end of the 30 days.

This Action Plan is extremely easy to follow and if you go through each day thoroughly,  you should have no problem having your 6 sites up and running by the end of the 30 days and already generating you sales.

Also in the action plan is ways of outsourcing which you don’t have to implement the first time you go through it.  Altho when you do implement  it you will be controlling your own team of people who will complete these task for you making most everything run on autopilot.

The Benefits Of The Work From No Home System

Easy To Understand

One of the greatest benefits of the system is that it is infact very easy to follow.  NO education on computers is required, just the desire to make a difference in your financial situation making life a bit easier and enjoyable for you.


There is a lot of extra bonuses included in the Work From No Home System such as the done for you templates.  These templates include ready made websites, products, graphics and PLR articles all at your disposal to do with what you like.


The cost of the system is very affordable for all income ranges being priced at a low $37 makes it very affordable and more than worth the money.  The things you will learn inside will help you with the rest of your journey online and you will always refer back to it.  A Must Have.


The Weaknesses of The Work From Home System

Lots of Reading

Altho this is listed as one of the weaknesses after reading through all of the content  it will be like you finally see a light at the end of the tunnel,  finally placing some of the missing pieces of the puzzle together for you.

Takes Some Time To Get Through

The Work From No Home System is for those of you who are ready to take action.  Having said that there is a lot of material for you to go through.  This does make sense tho as becoming a super affiliate doesn’t happen overnight.

Overall Thoughts On The Work From No Home System

As we all know there is a lot of hyped up programs out there claiming to make you the next online millionaire.  The difference with this system is that it does not make any of those claims.  Only that all you need is a laptop or pc and an internet connection which is true.

As long as you follow all the guides set out in this program there is no reason why you can’t start seeing the same success as Peng Joon one step at a time.  

Overall The Work From No Home System is a must have for anyone who is in the internet marketing industry.  Even for those of you who already have found success online this guide we’ll even help you increase your earning and help keep them coming in for years to come.

Before We close lets emphasize the importance of the 30 Day Action Plan.  One of the biggest difficulties all beginners have is getting themselves organized so you don’t end up falling off track every time.  The action plan keeps you focused and lays out what you should be doing each day.

A lot of the time what happens is you start researching one thing and the way sites are set up these days they always try to give you the most related content.  Altho artificial intelligence can only do so much and people find ways around this to get there stuff in front of you causing you to easily be led off track and become overwhelmed.

In closing upon purchasing the Work From No Home System you will no longer face these challenges because everything is laid out for you in such an easy to follow step by step format.

We highly recommend this product to anyone in the internet marketing industry.

Thank You for taking the time to read this review we hope it helped you make your decision if this product is meant for you.

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